best free seo tools

Below are the best free SEO tools everyone needs

I’m going to break down each one of best free seo tools in order to get you a high ranking on search engines without thinking too much about money if you’re just starting out.

1. Google Search Console

Google Search Console formerly known as google webmaster helps your website and web pages to index on Google. Once you created the sitemap simply submit it to the search console it requires an account set-up and verification which is easy to do. It tells you the keywords you rank for, top-performing pages, indexed and non-indexed pages and so on.

2. Google Analytics

Google Analytics helps you in finding the website visitor behaviour and data of your website you can track clicks, duration of visits, demographics, and user acquisitions of your site which ultimately helps in improving website performance. 

3. Ahrefs

Ahref consists of a host of best free seo tools and pro tools in its software suite and it is also a market leader in the SEO field you can try either their premium plans or Ahref free tools This selection of free SEO tools will help you with various SEO tasks, such as keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and many more.


Semrush also comes in the best free seo tools list since it offers a free account with limited features in which you can sign up and create your projects and do a site audit, track upto 10 keywords do keywords research and backlink audit which is a fantastic start for any marketer also they have many free tools and academy where you can learn digital marketing for free.

5. Moz

Moz is a pioneer in DA (domain authority) based on 1 to 100 and if your website has a high DA then the chances to rank on search engines are very high. It also offers a premium and combination of best free SEO tools suite similar to Semrush and Ahref.

6. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that can do pretty much your on-page SEO. It will tell step by step where to use target keywords, content quality, and keywords density and generate a sitemap which you can submit on the Google search console.

7. Rankmath

RankMath is a recent popular WordPress plugin in the best free seo tools list which helps in doing on the page of the website and the main advantage of this plugin is that you can target 5 keywords in its free version compared to Yoast where you only get 1 keyword in its free version. This SEO plugin works well in all the popular website builders like Elemntor and Gutenberg. 

8. Similerweb

Similerweb is a leading web analytics tool which helps you find the rank and performance of your website it helps you in finding your current rank in your country, worldwide rank and category-wise rank in the month on monthly basis also can compare your rank and performance with your competitors.

9. Grammarly 

Grammarly is a free AI writing assistant which helps in content correction and saves tons of time for marketers like me and many others if you do any mistakes while writing content it will give you suggestions to correct it thus it will help in getting a better rank on SERP. 

10. Answer the public

Answer the public helps you in finding the question related to your industry and then you can create content on them using those questions which people are searching then you can publish it on the blog or Quora could be the best option to answer those queries and get traffic from there. 

11. Exploding topics

Exploding topics is the brainchild of famous SEO Expert and digital marketer Brian Dean this tool helps you to find popular topics which people are searching for or soon are going to become popular so once you start creating content on them there are high chances that you can rank on on search engines and get traffic before your competitors. 

12. Uberssuggest

Ubersuggest is the all-in-one SEO suite for marketers by world-famous digital marketing Guru Neil Patel where you can do on-page audits, backlinks audit keywords ranking and an AI writing tool and create custom reports. it has a free plan and paid plans which is way cheaper than Semrush and Ahref.

13. ScreemingFrog

Screaming Frog is my favourite in best free seo tools list it’s Desktop app helps us in finding on-page issues on your website and its free version is enough for your need if you are just starting out you just have to download it for your computer and use its free version. 

14. Simplified

Simplified is a very helpful AI tool for those marketers who are single handly managing a website by using this tool you can create blog titles, paragraph writing, meta title and description, landing page content writing etc.

15. Google Site Kit

Google Site Kit plugin developed by Google another best free seo tools list helps us in connecting WordPress websites to Google search console, tag manager, analytics, page speed, Adsense etc without installing their tracking code for verification code one by one which is difficult sometimes. We can view all the data and performance in our dashboard only without going to the above tool pages. 

I’m abhishek and I’d love to have your feedback about my blog best free seo tools in the comment section I want you guys to come and check out my website SEO Abhishek

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