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Best SEO Resources for Digital Marketers in 2024

I will break down 7 seo resources for digital marketers and beginners in 2024, if you’re just starting or an advanced learner this will help you a lot.

Let’s jump right in and explain all the best websites where you can learn at your ease below.

Ahref the Beginner Guide to SEO: if you want to learn SEO from the very beginning then this is the best place to learn it covers topics like how search engines work, SEO basics, keywords research, SEO content, On page SEO, link building and technical SEO.

Semrush Academy: Semrush is the market leader in SEO tools and if you are going for an interview you will find that the job description mentions something that a candidate should have knowledge about Semrush.

 Now you can learn everything about digital marketing, paid ads and social media marketing for free there and get a free certificate worth $1000 dollars.

They have popular instructors like SEO Guru Brian Dean and Jeff Sauer once you finish the courses you will ask to appear in the test and once you pass it you will be awarded a certificate which you can use in Linkedin or your resume.

Acadium: If are you looking to start your digital marketing career and wondering where to start and how to find an internship while doing the course for free then Acadium is the right place for you. 

All the digital marketing courses are free for learners and while learning you can start applying for internships where you will be for 3 months remember that it will be unpaid apprenticeships after which there could be the chance of a paid offer from your client.

All the internships will be remote so you can do 2 or 3 internships at a time and having experience of work for international will give you a boost to your resume.

Neil Patel Blog: I would suggest you to follow his youtube channel as well he is one of those few people who started teaching SEO on the internet and the content he produces will help you immensely with SEO and digital marketing.

Moz: It offers a wide range of digital marketing kinds of stuff in its blogs ranging from SEO to social media marketing and local SEO you can learn a lot from its content.

Search engine journal: It is one of the oldest blogs in the digital marketing domain started in 2003 you can find all the latest trends in marketing in this portal they also published the world’s top marketer article.

Bonus articles: I suggest you check out the Shopify SEO training course if you plan to launch your online store and my previous blogs about Gemini vs chatgpt and 15 seo tools every digital marketer needs in 2024.

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